Fujinon Fuji Cabrio 19-90mm T2.9 - PL

Fujinon Cabrio 19-90mm T2.9 – PL

The Fujinon 19-90 T2.9 Cabrio zoom lens is compact and lightweight, weighing less than six pounds, making it the longest focal range handheld lens available. This lens comes with the removable handgrip/zoom rocker servo. Add it to your quote!



Fujifilm’s Optical Devices Division today announced their latest entry into the 35PL lens market, the Fujinon 19-90 T2.9 Cabrio zoom lens. The lens is both physically compact, at less than nine inches in length, and a feather-weight, at less than six pounds, making it the longest focal range handheld lens available. But the Cabrio allusion also extends to the included removable handgrip/zoom rocker servo.

As the popularity of Super-35 sensor cameras soars, clients used to shooting on 2/3” shoulder-mounted cameras, which utilize lightweight ENG zoom lenses with their built-in servo handgrips, have struggled to find similar setups with the larger sensor cameras. The servo on the 19-90 Cabrio is easy to attach or detach as needed, and the lens features traditional cine-style .08 gearing on the rings and a large 200-degree focus rotation for precise marks. Other features of the lens illustrate how it bridges the video and cine-style production worlds, such as LDS & i/Data contacts for lens data, shimless adjustable back focus, a macro focus mode and integration in the servo for wireless lens controllers.

The 19-90 Cabrio projects a 31.5mm image circle to cover all Super-35 type sensors, including the RED EPIC in 5K full frame, the ALEXA Studio in 4:3 mode and the Phantom Flex in 2560p. The servo can be powered via an external cable or via a “Hot Shoe” connection in the lens mount, which will also transfer appropriate data to enabled cameras, such as the Sony PMW-F3.




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