Fomex FL-1200 Kit

360° pliability, lightweight and weatherproof, the FL-1200-KIT includes everything necessary to get shooting – the LED mat, X-Mount, controller, AC power supply, UK IEC cable and 5m controller extension cable.



The FL-1200 kit has been produced by experienced lighting manufacturer Fomex. This product is a flexible LED light mat specifically designed for use by filmmakers & stills photographers. Combining low weight, thin design and 360° pliability into an LED lighting fixture permits previously impossible mounting, positioning and operation. The LED mats can be adhered directly to walls, windows or virtually any surface, whatever its shape. The top and bottom edges of the mat hold durable wire tubing which helps the light to remain in whichever shape it is flexed into. The bendable and compact design allows it to be easily concealed in tight spaces on-set. The included ‘X-Mount’ also allows the mats to emulate a regular rigid lighting fixture. With the FL-1200 weighing just 760g, the optional boom pole enables fast and efficient overhead lighting without the need for an overlarge lighting rig.

Weather Protected:

For ultimate practicality, the FL-1200 light mat has been designed for all-weather use, with an IP64 rain and dust protection rating. For location use, it opens up possibilities to shoot in the rain, snow or even a desert. Water and dust resilience also makes maintenance easier, as the mats can simply be wiped down with a wet cloth when required.

Ultimate Control:

With a colour temperature range of 2700°K to 6500°K and precise dimming from 1 to 100%, the FL-600 is as flexible in operation as it is in form.

DMX Control:

The controller also comes equipped with DMX (5Pin XLR) In & Out – These settings are adjusted using the simple and intuitive lighting controller. Its backlit LCD panel displays the current colour temperature and brightness values, with changes made using the dials on either side. To avoid accidental adjustment or damage, these dials are protected with metal surrounds.

Located on the controller’s rear side is a V-Mount battery plate which is used for powering the light when AC power is not available. For users who do not own or operate with V-Mount batteries, the FL-4in1-SLVA battery adaptor offers an alternative power solution. It uses NPF type batteries to replicate a regular V-Mount battery.

An included adaptor shoe allows the controller to dock directly to a regular SuperClamp. The SuperClamp can be attached to a lighting stand, ensuring the controller is accessible to make quick setting adjustments. When used and operated on the move, the controller can be held on the operators shoulder thanks to the built-in strap attachment point.

Accurate & Powerful:

The FL-1200’s impressive physical characteristics are backed-up by equally-notable photometric data. Colour rendering test results of CRI 96 and TLCI 98 ensure the light output virtually mimics that of natural light sources. This ensures colour reproduction is true-to-life, making post-production and colour grading more straightforward.

In spite of its slight nature, the FL-1200 can match traditional 2’x1’ lighting fixtures for power, delivering a light output of up to 4000 LUX at 1 meter. Despite its thin and flexible design, Fomex have developed an effective heat dispersion method. Even with hours of continuous operation, the LEDs will always be cool to touch.


Fomex offer a single, ready-to-shoot kit which is professionally presented in a bespoke carry bag. The FL-1200-KIT includes everything necessary to get shooting – the LED mat, X-Mount, controller, AC power supply, UK IEC cable and 5m controller extension cable. Optional accessories include a softbox (FL-1200-SB) 3-section boom pole (FL-BP) and DOP Choice Flyball.

Fomex products are designed and manufactured to the highest technical and quality standards, backed-up by a two year warranty.


  • 360° pliability for use in confined and obscure spaces.
  • Thin & lightweight – FL-1200 mat weights just 760g.
  • Emulate regular rigid lighting fixtures with the included ‘X-Mount’.
  • Weatherproof mat with IP64 rain & dust protection rating.
  • Innovative heat sink means LEDs are always cool to touch.
  • CRI 96 / TLCI 98 ensuring accurate & pure light output.
  • Powerful – up to 4800 LUX at 1 meter in daylight colour temperature mode.
  • Completely flicker-free light output.
  • Colour temperature range of 2700°K to 6500°K.
  • Precise dimming control from 1-100%.
  • Ergonomic controller with built-in V-Mount battery plate.
  • DMX In & Out (5pin XLR).
  • Range of accessories including light modifiers and mounts.
  • Two year warranty for complete piece of mind.




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