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Electrovoice RE50B Microphone

The RE50B is the industry standard for handheld interview mics in broadcast television production. Used on interviews with everyone from the President of the United States to the family next door, the RE50B is heard and seen in the reporting of news correspondents around the globe.


The RE50B was designed expressly for hand-held news-gathering work. It has the same tailored frequency response and high output level as the 635A. By use of a high-mass zinc internal acoustic chamber, shock mounted within the machined-aluminum outer casing, the RE50/B offers an extremely high degree of isolation.

The internal transducer uses a mechanical nesting concept: Each part is nested inside another so that the transducer (head assembly) is nearly a solid structure. Handling noise, clothing noise, and even cord shock are isolated from the microphone element so that induced noise is reduced greatly.

An integral windscreen and blast filter provides protection from wind noise, excessive sibilance and annoying popping. The grille bounces back to retain its shape. A four-stage pop filter prevents dust and magnetic particles from reaching the diaphragm. The finish is a semi-gloss black finish, good for on-camera use.




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