Convergent Design Apollo

Convergent Design Apollo

Multi-camera production can be chaotic, confusing, and time consuming. We all know the hassle of wrangling multiple media cards from the cameras, offloading files that are different lengths, with different names, and to different codecs, then attempting to align these in post production with audio/video delay across cameras… Apollo alleviates all of that.



A Production Studio in the Palm of Your Hand:

The Apollo provides unmatched power and flexibility for multi-camera productions.


  • Four HD Streams.
  • Switched or Quad View.
  • Image Analysis Tools.
  • Custom 3D-LUTs.
  • SDI and HDMI I/O.


  • Apple ProRes Format.
  • Four HD + Quad/Live.
  • Quad 1080p60/Dual 4K.
  • Single File.
  • SSD Media.
  • Embedded Audio.


  • No Genlock Required.
  • Touchscreen Interface.
  • 2x SDI/1x HDMI Output.
  • XML EDL for Post.
  • Compact/Lightweight.


  • Switched or Quad View.
  • Output to HDMI/SDI.
  • Intuitive Controls.
  • Playlist/Scrubbing.
  • Clip Markers.

The All-In-One Production Problem Solver:

Apollo is a portable multichannel monitor/recorder/switcher that can simultaneously record up to four HD video signals, along with a fifth channel of either a live-switch, or a quad-split reference view. Separate ‘Preview’ and ‘Program’ outputs allow you to monitor on set while using Apollo’s touch screen for simple switching with cut or dissolves. Play back in perfect sync while toggling cameras. All of this functionality in a unit the size of a small tablet and capable of battery power for the ultimate portability.

Save Time:

Record all cameras to one single card in one Apple ProRes codec, not four disparate media with four separate file types. Matching timecode means no guessing in post production – your video is ready for immediate edit or publication.

Up Your Game:

Invigorate your creativity with multi-camera content. It’s no longer cumbersome and expensive to produce multi-camera content. Monitor all cameras and direct with ease. By doing more with less, you’re simply more productive.

Travel Light:

Ditch the rolling rack. With the Apollo you can now record and output a live switch in ONE small, portable unit. Set on a desktop, use hand-held, or on-camera. There is nothing else quite like Apollo. It truly is a production studio in the palm of your hand.

Work Smart:

You can provide a duplicate copy of your iso and switched program materials immediately at the end of the shoot day, send your switched program output into live streams, and avoid hours of aligning audio and video by using Apollo.

Post Made Easy:

Apollo records the multiple video signals in a multitrack QuickTime format specifically designed for multiple synced video and audio signals. The ProRes Transfer Tool, available for download from the CD Website, ingests the singular, multitrack file from the SSD card, and separates each track is converted to its own Apple ProRes file, with an extension to link the different matched files together. Each extension is letter A-D to signify to input, or QSLS to signify either Quad-Slip or Live-Switch if this was chosen to also be recorded. An XML file is also created with the metadata tags for Markers and Notations.


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