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Coles 4104B Lip Commentator Microphone

The Coles CS 4104 Lip Mic is an iconic design, engineered specifically for use in noisy environments. Ideal for applications such as sports commentary. Hire Now!


Originally manufactured for BBC overseas war correspondents, The Coles CS 4104 Lip Mic is specifically designed to achieve excellent sounding speech in extreme SPL conditions. The pop filter built both in front and on top of the mic, combined with the lip fender cancels out any plosive sounds. The breath shields on the Coles CS 4104 Lip Mic are corrosion free stainless steel mesh, and the microphones incorporate a high degree of shielding against sources of electromagnetic induction, such as television monitors, making it the ultimate mic for sports commentaries or field reporting.

This Lip Mic can be used in air stream velocities up to 20 mph (32 km) without notable difference in speech quality, has a frequency response of 60-12000Hz, and impedance of 300ohms. Distortion is less than 1% at an SPL of 120dB, and a 3-pin, male, XLR connector is incorporated in the base of the handle.


  • Ribbon Mic for Commentary and Speech.
  • Directional Polar Pattern.
  • Low-Cut Roll-Off at 16 Hz.
  • For Close Positioning to Mouth.
  • Reduced Noise in Ambient Environments.
  • Stainless Steel Protective Breath Shield.
  • Polar Response Bi-directional.


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