ARRILITE 2000 Plus

Arri Arrilite 2000 Plus

With increased light efficiency and improved light distribution, plus a new focus mechanism and heat-proof handle, the ARRILITE 2000 facilitates easy manoeuvring and is a great addition to your lighting setup.



The continuing popularity of the ARRILITE 2000 has inspired ARRI’s lighting team to undertake a complete redesign and update of this traditional, open-faced lamp head. Incorporating a range of innovative features, the new ARRILITE 2000 Plus meets the exacting production demands of todays film and television industries. By utilizing the ARRIMAX reflector and optical system, light efficiency is increased and light distribution improved.

The aluminium housing is more compact and about 400 g lighter than the previous model, while disc brake technology borrowed from the ARRI True Blue range holds the ARRILITE 2000 Plus steady even with heavy accessories attached. In order to change bulbs, the front door frame opens in a similar way to the ARRI M18; no screws have to be removed and no tools of any kind are needed. Like the ARRILITE 750 Plus, the ARRILITE 2000 Plus features an improved focus mechanism and heat-proof handle at the rear of the housing that facilitates easy manoeuvring.


  • Accessory Holder.
  • Improved, Faceted Reflector.
  • True Blue Disc Brake Technology.
  • Front Accessory Brackets.
  • Heat-proof Handle.
  • Lightweight design.
  • 120 – 240V.



Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 31.7 × 35.5 × 24.1 cm


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