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Canon EF CN-E 6x Prime Lens Set

Canon EF CN-E 6x Prime Lens Set

Canon CN-E EF mount prime lens bundle including 14, 24, 35, 50, 85, and 135mm 4K digital cinema lenses (CN-E14mm, CN-E24mm, CN-E35mm, CN-E50mm, CN-E85mm, CN-E135mm)

Marshall Electronics CV Lens Pack

The Marshall Electronics CV- Lens Pack is an addition to the CV505-M Mini Broadcasting Camera and includes 6 lenses (2.3mm, 2.8mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm and 16mm).

Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 5 Lens Set

Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 5 Lens Custom Set 5 Interchangeable Mount Sets 1 Torx torgue wrench 1 Transport Case. The Carl Zeiss Lens Custom Sets 1-10 offer a great package deal of Compact Prime CP.2 lenses. Choose from the list of lens the ones you require.

Zeiss Loxia 4x Lens Set

Zeiss Loxia Bundle with 21mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm Lenses for Sony E. The ZEISS Loxia Lenses are optimally suited to video recordings: their compact size enables the cameraman to work unobtrusively from various angles and thus avoid disrupting the scenery. This makes them the perfect companion for documentaries and high-quality reports.