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Microdolly Hollywood 1487 Suction Car Mount

The Suction Mount Kit uses three strong suction cups, six universal joint clamps and a set of six rods that connect in seconds to mount a camera or light almost anyplace. The Mount weighs just six pounds (2.6 kg) and is ideal to position a video or film camera on a moving vehicle.

Miller 1511 DS10 Solo DV System

Miller 1511 DS10 Solo DV Carbon Fibre System includes Fluid Head (182), CF Tripod (1501), Pan Handle (680), DV Strap (1520) and Softcase (1518).

Miller 1514 DS20 Solo System

Miller 1514 DS20 Solo DV Ultra-Lightweight Tripod System includes DS20 (184) Solo DV 2-St Carbon Fibre Tripod (1501) Pan Handle (680) Strap (1520) and Solo DV Softcase (1518).

Miller 1846 Compass 20 System

Miller 1846 Compass20 Solo 2-Stage Carbon Fibre System includes Compass20 Fluid Head (1036) Solo DV 2-St Carbon Fibre Tripod (1501) Pan Handle (679) Strap (1520) Softcase (876).

Miller 971E DS60 System

Miller 971E DS60 System includes DS60 Fluid Head (1003) HD S.St Alloy Tripod (944) Mid Spreader (993) 2 x Pan Handle (684) Dolly (483) Feet (475).

Miller Arrow 55

The Miller 1741 Arrow 55 tripod system consists of the 1028 Arrow 55 fluid head, 694 telescoping pan arm, 860 Arrow camera plate, 925 HD 2-stage carbon fibre tripod, 990 Sprinter II/HD mid-level spreader, 475 Sprinter II/HD rubber feet, and the 872 Arrow soft case.

Miller Baby Legs 100mm

This 100mm alloy tripod support offers stable camera support for lightweight camcorder setups in confined spaces or when working with extreme low angles. This tripod includes baby ground spreader and baby tripod case.

Redrock Sharpshooter Shoulder Mount

The microShoulderMount Fits Most Camcorders & DSLRs. It features Shoulder Pads & Handgrips, 2x 15mm Carbon Fiber Rods, a Rod Clamp, and maximum configurability.

Sachtler 0750 System FSB 8

The Sacthler 0750 FSB 8T System Tridod is a high-quality professional sturdy tripod system design for lightweight mid-size camera setups up to 9 kgs, which is also highly portable due to the lightweight carbon fibre design.

Sachtler 25 Plus Heavy Duty Tripod

Sachtler Video 25 Plus Fluid Head with Touch & Go Camera Plate and Pan Bar.

Sachtler Shorts 100mm Legs

The easily extractible carbon fibre tripod CF 100 M impresses with its particularly high torsional rigidity and low weight. Equipped with the Sachtler rotary clamping system, the height range for the version with the mid-level spreader is 17-71 cm and with the ground level spreader is 14-77 cm.

Sachtler Video 1865 S1 Tripod System

Sachtler (1865) S1 System 18 S1 SL MCF – Video 18 S1 Fluid Head & Tripod Speed Lock CF & Mid-Level Spreader 100/150 + Rubber Feet 100/150 and Padded Bag ENG 2.