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ARRI MFF-1 Follow Focus

The MFF-1 is a lightweight, single-sided follow focus unit for small video cameras and DSLRs.

Arri MMB-2 Matte Box

MMB-2 is a fully featured matte box that fits well with the latest lightweight digital cameras.

Camrade Run & Gun Backpack – Large

The run&gunBackpack Large offers room for professional cameras up to 52 cm and 20.5 inches (in length) and allows you to safely transport your camera, ready for action.

Canon WA-H82 Wide Angle Lens Attachment

Canon WA-H82 (WAH82) Wide Angle Lens Attachment for the Canon XF300 and XF305 (Canon p/n 4591B001AA). This wide-angle attachment is designed to provide a wider angle of view for Canon XF305 and XF300 Pro Camcorders.

Genus G-SFOCDSLR Follow Focus

The Genus Superior Follow Focus System is designed for DSLR or Professional Cameras. It allows you to easily change lenses and Pitch Gears using a sliding bracket.

IB/E Optics HDx35 Mark II PL to B4 Adapter

This optical adapter allows B4 mount lenses to be used on PL mount cameras by stretching a B4 lens image over a super35 sensor. Also available as a B4 to EF adapter.

Lastolite Reflectors

Lastolite reflectors are available for hire in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. Often acting as a fill light they bounce light back onto the subject. Most are double sided, providing two different surfaces to work with.

Metabones Cine Smart Canon EF- Sony FZ Adaptor

MB_EF-FZ-BT1. The FZ to EF Cine Smart adapter converts Canon to Sony FZ retaining aperture information for overlays and auto iris, as well as offering a manual aperture ring for quick and easy exposure adjustment.

Metabones EF to Sony E Mount T Smart Lens Adapter MK IV

The Smart Adapter Mark IV for Canon EF or Canon EF-S Mount Lens to Sony E-Mount Camera from Metabones allows a Canon EF or EF-S mount lens to be mounted onto a Sony E-mount camera. While doing so, the adapter is designed to support electronic communication between an attached camera and lens. If the lens includes autofocus, image stabilization, as well as camera-controlled aperture functions, this adapter is intended to allow those features to be used.

Metabones Speed Booster Digital EF to Micro 4/3

MB-EF-M43-SB. Increases maximum aperture by 1 stop and makes your lens 0.71x wider.
Featuring built-in electronics to control lens aperture, the lens aperture is set by the controls on the camera body. Being powered by the camera body, no external power source is required.

Metabones Speed Booster Ultra Digital EF to Sony-E

MB_SPEF-E-BT2. The Speed Booster Ultra 0.71x Adapter for Canon Full-Frame EF-Mount Lens to Sony E-Mount APS-C Camera from Metabones allows a full-frame Canon EF-mount lens to be mounted onto a Sony E-mount camera.

MTF Canon EF – Sony FZ Adaptor

MTF (MTCANEFFZ) Canon EF Lens to Sony FZ Camera Adapter. This lens adapter from MTF will allow you to mount Canon EF fitting lenses onto Sony FZ mount cameras such as the PMW-F3, F5 and F55.