25th February – The Holdan Cine Tour 2020

10:00am – 4:00pm | Free Event


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Unit 13
Sovereign Enterprise Park
King William Street
M50 3UP


Swing by our MediaCity rental office anytime between 10am & 4pm on Tuesday 25th Feb. Our friends at Holdan will be exhibiting the latest products from Panasonic, CoreSWX, Blackmagic Design, Teradek, SmallHD, Wooden Camera, and Inovativ.

Together with our own Sony Venice and Sony PXW-FX9, you’ll have the chance to get hands on with the following:


Inovativ Voyager 36 EVO (INOV-VE-0036)
Inovativ Camera Mount System (INOV-500-000)
Inovativ 100mm Bowl (INOV-500-170)
Inovativ Boa Arm (INOV-501-105)
Inovativ Robocups (INOV-07-109-OR)
Panasonic Panasonic S1H
Blackmagic Design Pocket 4K (Basic) (BMD-CINECAMPOCHDMFT4K)
Blackmagic Design Pocket 6K (PL) (BMD-CINECAMPOCHDEF6K)
Blackmagic Design 5″ Video Assist 12G (BMD-HYPERD/AVIDA12/5HDR)
Blackmagic Design 7″ Video Assist 12G (BMD-HYPERD/AVIDA12/7HDR)
Wooden Camera PL Mount Mod Kit (WC-274600)
Wooden Camera Unified Acc. Kit (Pro) (WC-265300)
Wooden Camera Zip Box Pro (WC-266400)
SLR Magic 32mm APO- Microprime (EF) (SLR-MP32APOEF)
SLR Magic 50mm Anamorphot (PL) (SLR-AC50133PL-EF)
SLR Magic 50mm Cine HyperPrime (MFT) (SLR-5095MFT)
SmallHD 1703 P3X Bolt (SHD-MON1703P3X-SKRX)
Teradek Bolt 500XT (TER-BOLT-935XT)
Core SWX Powerbase Edge (CORE-PBE-BMPC4)
Core SWX Neo9s (CORE-NEO-9S)
Manfrotto Nitrotech N12 (MAN-MVKN12TWINGC)
Inovativ Apollo 40 EVO (INOV-AE-0040)
Inovativ Camera Mount System (INOV-500-000)
Inovativ 100mm Bowl (INOV-500-170)
Inovativ Two-Stage Corner Mast Riser (INOV-500-627)
Inovativ Boa Arm (INOV-501-105)
Inovativ Robocups (INOV-07-109-OR)
Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro G2 (BMD-CINEURSAMUPRO46KG2)
SLR Magic 25mm APO-Microprime (EF) (SLR-MP25APOEF)
Teradek Bolt 4K (TER-10-2100-V)
SmallHD 1703P3X (SHD-MON1703P3X)
SmallHD 702 Touch (SHD-MON702-TOUCH)
Core SWX Neo9s (CORE-NEO-9S)
Core SWX HyperCore 150s (CORE-HC150S)
Core SWX Quantum Charger (CORE-FLEET-Q4US)
Core SWX Voltbridge Charger (CORE-FLEET-Q4MSi)
LEDGO AltaTube 80 Lights (LG-ALTA80C)
LEDGO AltaTube 120 Lights (LG-ALTA120C)
LEDGO AltaTube 180 Lights (LG-ALTA180C)
Inovativ Axis Command Station (INOV-AXCS001)
Inovativ Robocups (INOV-07-109-OR)
SmallHD 1703P3X (SHD-MON1703P3X)
Teradek Bolt 4K Max (TER-10-2120-V)
Teradek RT CTRL.3 (TRT-15-0047-3)
Panasonic EVA-1 (PAN-AUEVA1EJ)
Core SWX Helix Mini 9 (CORE-HLX-9S)
Core SWX Helix 150 (CORE-HLX-150S)
Core SWX


16th & 17th December 2019Sony PXW FX9 Drop-In Days!

9:30am – 5:00pm

Sony PXW-FX9 Demo Manchester

Free event – No Ticket Needed

Drop in to our Manchester office anytime between 9:30am and 5:00pm on the 16th & 17th December 2019 to get hands on with the FX9.

With a similar form factor as the popular FS7, the NEW FX9 presents a 6K Full-Frame sensor delivering 15 Stops of dynamic range, dual base ISO, electronic variable ND filter, fast hybrid AF and Cinetone™ colour science, the FX9 is an ideal camera for documentary, cinema, and live event production. It is also Netflix approved!

The specs of this camera look good, however, you can only judge if it’s right for you by trying it out for yourself.

Managing Director, David Phillips, will be on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding the exciting new features of Sony’s latest camera. This is a great opportunity for camera operators of any level to test, and learn all about the FX9 a casual, relaxed setting.

Follow the link below and let us know you’ll be attending. We look forward to seeing you!


Unit 13
Sovereign Enterprise Park
King William Street
M50 3UP

05 November 2019 – KitPlus Show | Manchester

10:30am – 4:30pm

About the KitPlus Show:

The KitPlus Show is now in year 9 with continued growth in brands on show, seminars, training sessions and in visitor footfall on the day.

The KitPlus Show gives visitors the chance to see the very latest in new kit in their region in a friendly and relaxed environment. As well as kit to try and manufacturers to speak there are workshops, training sessions and seminars throughout the day together with, and what more and more people are looking for, those excellent networking opportunities.


Visual Impact Northern are excited to attend the KitPlus Show 2019. We will be showcasing a small selection of our Hire Cameras. Including the Sony Venice, The Sony FS7, The Blackmagicdesign Pocket Cinema Camera 6k, and more.

Come and say hello!

Drop in Demo’s

Pop into our Hire office and check out our kit!

Have a specific piece of equipment you would like to test out? Give us a call to arrange a visit, where you will have the chance to experience handling kit first-hand. A wonderful opportunity to learn about our extensive range of kit, and have questions answered by our knowledgeable team.

0161 868 1390