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Vocas 0255-3900 Shoulder Mount

Instantly transforms your the Canon EOS C300 into a shoulder mounted camera. For use with the cameras original viewfinder. The kit includes MBS-100 Type M mattebox support, Offset bracket for shoulder support low, shoulder support for 15mm rails, weight attachment plate for vocas shoulder support, weight 1 kg for vocas shoulder support and vocas handgrip kit with two handgrips.

Vocas 0300-0501 MB-350 Matte Box

The MB-350 is a compact matte box for use with DSLR and small cine lenses. It features a quick lock mounting system that attaches directly to front lens barrels up to 105 mm. It can be used as clip-on ánd is suitable for 15 mm LWS rail support, via an optional bars adapter.

Vocas 0400-0435 MB-435 Matte Box

The lightweight MB-435 matte box is a 3 stage 4″ x 5.65″ matte box and fits directly on lenses with a front diameter of 143 mm. Two rear 4’’ x 4’’ / 4’’ x 5,65’’ combo filter frames, of which one is fully rotatable, and a fixed 4’’ x 5,65’’ compartiment inside the hood are integrated.

Vocas 0900-0015 PL to Sony-E

Sony E-mount adapter including 15 mm support. This adapter allows the use of PL type lenses on cameras that use a Sony E-mount lens mount, such as the Sony NEX-FS100.